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Compliance Only - ALL STATES

$250 (listing or buy)

  • Document Compliance: Ensure all documents meet compliance standards to guarantee payment.

  • Timeline Management: Keep the timeline on track and maintain the brokerage file for payment processing.

  • Communication Policy: Agents should refrain from direct communication with clients or affiliates.

  • Payment Terms: Payment is due within 7 days of closing, or a customized payment schedule may apply based on brokerage volume.

  • Termination Fee: A $25 termination fee may be applicable.

Why Use Us for your Compliance?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our services.

Brokerages should consider hiring Precision Transactions for their internal compliance department because it offers cost-efficiency by replacing the need for full-time employees, ensures consistently compliant files at closing, expedites agent payments through streamlined processes and proactive document management, and steadfastly adheres to industry requirements, reducing compliance risks and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

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